Going on holiday? Tips to keep your property safe.

Next time you going to be away for an extended period? Here are a few helpful ideas to keep your property safe:

  1. Lock all windows and doors. Don’t forget your garage and garden sheds etc.
  2. If you receive daily newspapers, cancel delivery whilst on holiday. Have somebody trustworthy clear your mailbox.
  3. Before you leave, mow your lawns. If you are way for an extended period, arrange for someone to do this for you.
  4. Advise a trustworthy neighbour of your travel plans and ask them to contact us immediately if they note anything unusual.
  5. Install sensor-controlled automatic security lights and check they are operational.
  6. Don’t close your curtains – make the house look lived in. As a service to current monitoring clients we offer this service at a minimal fee.  We can pull your curtains, day and night, and feed pets if need be.
  7. Consider using a timer for lights or set a radio to come on at certain times of night.
  8. Have a neighbour park their car up your driveway or hang washing on your line.
  9. If you have an alarm – advertise it with stickers on your letterbox and windows.
  10. Think about turning down the volume on your telephone.