GPS Tracking

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based navigation system made up of a “constellation” of approximately 30 well-spaced satellites that orbit the Earth and provide real time location and time information, in all weather conditions, using four or more GPS satellites to pinpoint the exact geographical location of a vehicle, person or asset to which a tracking unit is attached.

GPS equipment is widely used in science and has now become sufficiently low-cost so that almost anyone can use a GPS tracking unit and for a variety of reasons.


Protecting your assets has never been easier.









Many of our clients who use this system in their vehicles have reported significant reductions in fuel costs, better vehicle fleet management, fewer incidents of vehicle damage, reduced insurance claims and lower mileage.

We also monitor Personal GPS Tracking Systems for Councils, including parking wardens and animal control.

Protecting your assets has never been easier, with real tangible savings and benefits:
Whatever you need to track, HSM can install the unit, monitor and provide you with tracking reports.

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